Thoeun Theara

Full Name: Thoeun Theara
Nickname: អ្នកលេងពូថៅដៃពិឃាត
Date of Birth: October 15, 1996
Place of Birth: Prey Veng Province, Cambodia
Nationality: Khmer
Weight Class: Mid Weight
Height: 175 cm


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Though Kun Khmer, Cambodia's form of martial arts, is not as well known as Thailand's Muay Thai, Thoeun Theara is helping bring it recognition -- and winning top titles in both. Since he was 10 years old, Thoeun worked to help support his family, both in Cambodia and as a migrant worker in Thailand, until he joined a Kun Khmer gym in Phnom Penh at age 15. In 2018, he made the Kun Khmer National Team and in Jan. 2023, thanks to his brutal straight punches, Thoeun defeated Thailand's top two Muay Thai fighters, becoming the top athlete in that sport worldwide.

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